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Build a successful curriculum catered to each student to help them take the classes needed to reach their goals.

Plan and schedule college visits & give tips on what to look for.

Aid in the essay writing process: brainstorm to final product.

Guide the process for when & whom to ask for teacher recommendations.

Review each application line by line to ensure proper information.

Help with understanding waitlist, deferrals, and acceptances, and ultimately how to make the decision.

Create a school list of 10 universities, any of which the student would be happy and successful at.

Advise on extra curricular activities, summer planning, and volunteer opportunities.

Distinguish an application strategy (Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision) that is right for your family.

Identify which schools to show demonstrated interest to.

Practice interview etiquette so that students feel ready & confident when talking to admissions officers.

Review and interpret scholarship offers with families.

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