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The college admission process shouldn’t be one that leaves you depleted and stress-ridden. Our goals are to lower stress between students & families and find a balanced list of the best fit colleges all while making the process manageable. We work to help you understand what colleges are looking for and provide you with the information so that you are making your decisions from knowledge. We promise to make your experience out of this world!


Shelby went to Chapman University and graduated with a BS in Business Administration in 2019. Shelby earned her graduate certificate with distinction in College Counseling through UCLA in 2021. During that time, she was working with students under the guidance of another college counselor. In 2021, Shelby also was a Seasonal Admissions Reader at Northeastern University, where she evaluated upwards of 1,000 student applications. She is an Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), where she connects with other counselors across the nation. Shelby enjoys talking to students, understanding their needs, and helping them shoot for the stars. She lives in Newport Beach, CA, and when she's not working, she enjoys going to the beach, teaching Jazzercise, and sipping an iced vanilla latte with friends.

About Shelby
  • How are you different from my high school counselor?
    High school counselors are HARD workers. Their average caseload is 1 counselor to 250 students. They are working with the school, students, colleges to make sure everything is in on time. Since they have so much on their plate they aren’t always able to give the students individualized attention. That’s where we come in. We work with students to figure out their goals and where they will thrive.
  • When should we start?
    We work with students as early as 8th or 9th grade to begin the exploration process but we’re happy to work with students up until the beginning of 12th grade.
  • How often do we meet?
    Depends! Your first and second year of high school we’ll meet quarterly. Junior year we meet monthly and senior year we meet anywhere between 2-4 times a month.
  • What kind of students do you work with?
    We’ve worked with students who have 2.5s up to 4.0s and everything in between. We’re very proud that we meet our students where they are & work with them to figure out their goals.
  • How does the school list process work?
    Our goal is for your student to have choices and in order to have choices we must have a well balanced list. We have many conversations to figure out what is important to your students and matching schools with their wants. With 3,000 public and private schools we feel very confident that we can find 10 schools where you students would be happy & successful.


Build a successful curriculum catered to each student to help them take the classes needed to reach their goals.

Plan and schedule college visits & give tips on what to look for.

Aid in the essay writing process: brainstorm to final product.

Guide the process for when & whom to ask for teacher recommendations.

Review each application line by line to ensure proper information.

Help with understanding waitlist, deferrals, and acceptances, and ultimately how to make the decision.

Create a school list of 10 universities, any of which the student would be happy and successful at.

Advise on extra curricular activities, summer planning, and volunteer opportunities.

Distinguish an application strategy (Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision) that is right for your family.

Identify which schools to show demonstrated interest to.

Practice interview etiquette so that students feel ready & confident when talking to admissions officers.

Review and interpret scholarship offers with families.

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