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Ready for Liftoff

Orbit College Counseling is officially launching a blog! Each month, I'll be sharing my best tips, tricks, and insights in a brand new blog post to help you navigate the college admissions process. Stay tuned for my first post, coming soon! Get ready to blast off into the world of higher education with Orbit College Counseling – together, we'll reach for the stars!


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In the competitive landscape of college admissions, where test scores and GPAs often blend into a sea of numbers, the Common App essay serves as your opportunity to stand out and showcase your unique

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As a rising high school senior, finalizing your college list is a critical step that is often harder than it sounds. At Orbit College Counseling, we want to make sure you’re excited about each option

Setting the Stage for LOR Success

Hey high school juniors! It’s time to discuss a crucial aspect of the college application process: letters of recommendation (LORs) from your teachers. These letters provide colleges with valuable ins


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